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What Conditions Can it Help?

People come in to counselling for many reasons. Some are struggling with physical symptoms or feelings of sadness, anger, fear or hopelessness. Others find themselves in difficult circumstances or in unsatisfying relationships. A few are not sure why they come, apart from a sense that they want 'more'.

All want to understand their feelings and behaviours and try to put them into the context of their current and potential lives.

What Benefits can be Expected?

It is very rarely that most people reach even their thirties without some regrets. These regrets and past, often painful, experiences and worries about the future can conspire to decrease the ability of us all to enjoy our lives to the full and to achieve our realistic aims.

The very least that you can expect is to begin to remove some of these barriers and start the process of realising your emotional, physical and financial potential.

I suggest that you have a look at the Fequently Asked Questions on this site by clicking on the 'FAQ' tab above. I can then be contacted via the 'Contact Details' tab.

'Change your thought and you change your world', Norman Vincent Peal

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